Our Story

The Women’s Chapter has grown organically from my passion for people and genuine interest in the stories, success and challenges of the inspiring people I meet.

Through my travels and along both my personal and career journeys, I’ve been drawn to people who have challenged my perceptions, inspired me to push boundaries and motivated me to move beyond my comfort zone.

I love connecting people with one another, seeing friendships develop, finding synergies and inciting collaborations, so I wanted to find a way to channel my passion in to something that could bring people together in a meaningful way, and where I could have fun doing it!

We lead such busy lives, juggling work, family and home commitments, that we don’t get time to indulge our passions and interests. For many women, the higher you climb, the more lonely it gets and the more limited the opportunities are to connect with true peers, share knowledge or troubleshoot.

It is my aim for the Women’s Chapter to consistently be a platform for multi-faceted events whereby like-minded, inspiring women can come together in a relaxed way to enjoy art, fashion, culture and gastronomy, let their hair (and guard) down and leave having met someone they felt they were meant to meet.

I hope you enjoy being part of our community!

Very best wishes

Michelle de Klerk



About The Founder

Having lived and worked in South Africa, Paris, Taiwan, London, Hong Kong and Washington, Michelle de Klerk has a strong passion for people and culture.

After leaving university, Michelle’s inquisitive nature led her into a career in journalism, covering everything from hard news to travel features, picking up several awards for her investigative scoops along the way. A desire to travel resulted in a stint teaching English in Taiwan, before heading to the UK where she worked in financial services and then financial reporting as the associate editor of a commodities news wire and publication.

Michelle kept her hand in freelance travel and finance writing for UK broadsheets and in 2009 was asked to join a boutique hotel group, with properties on all seven continents, as their marketing and sales director.

In 2011, a move to Paris coincided with the discovery that Michelle and her husband, an occupational psychologist, were expecting twin daughters. After two years in France the couple returned to the UK and Michelle started her luxury marketing and private client consultancy, The World At Your Feet.

Inspired by the power of women in business and the lack of curated opportunities for senior women to grow their networks, Michelle founded The Women’s Chapter in July 2014.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Law and a Post Graduate Degree in Media Studies and Communications from the University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


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